Paper record player wedding invitation card by Kelli Anderson

This has been a sensation a while ago. Even it’s not a new news anymore, but this is something that everyone should see! I Bet you’ve never received a wedding invitation like this before!!! Never!!Folded just so, this card turns into a manually operated paper record player that plays a song recorded by the bride and groom.

Designer Kelli Anderson is the WOW!AMAZING creative that created this masterpiece!  She is an artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. She draw, photograph, cut, print, code, and create a variety of designed things for herself and others. From interactive paper to layered, experimental websites, everything begins and ends here in her studio which houses a 1919 letterpress and an assortment of other benevolent contraptions. she also teach art history at Pratt every summer.

She is one of the master that i really respect. Her projects are all amazing. Check out her website and blog, you will definitely “Wow” when you browse through her portfolio. 



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