Have a sweet X’mas

It’s Christmas!! For every Christmas, i will definitely design some card to my friends. If you miss my last year card design, click here and take a look.

It’s been a very busy period for me lately (a lot of jobs to rush) and christmas is around the corner. Design Christmas card is part of my culture, even i have not much time, yet i’m still manage to get the card done on last weekend. This year, i would like to spare my sweetness for my friends. “Have a sweet Christmas” is the theme of my card.

Nin Jiom 京都念慈菴 – What does this herbal candy do with the christmas? It’s just don’t fit into this festive season!! Well, let me show you my magical trick!


I have turned the sweet tin box into Christmas Bell! Some friend ask me why i did not use the cover of the tin box as the bell? It is because i like how the silver goes well with my design sticker (The cover of the tin box is full color printing, without silver). It bring out the how the real shinning bell look. For this X’mas card, i have spend a lot time to cut, stick and sew in order to complete the task. A lot of of handworks  involved. Even though its not easy, but i do enjoy the process of design and making – to create something out of the box. And i hope that those who received this will love it.

Some of my friend saw this, and they suggested me to contact with Nin Jiom 京都念慈菴, it’s might be a good idea for them in their packaging design. Anyway, there will be another version of this idea. If you do really like this, stay tune for my next creation!

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  1. Damen

    It’s the thought tat counts. Tks so much for yr lovely gesture. I love it.

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